UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz – Reaction

Stockton, motherf*cker!
Stockton, motherf*cker!

This is primarily a rap blog but I need to talk some shit. (wait, can I curse on here?)

  •  Previous to the fight, I thought Nate Diaz should’ve cashed out on a wrestling coach to teach him how to execute a textbook power double-leg takedown. The prevailing wisdom was that if the fight hit the mat, it would be a short night for McGregor, however, Nate would have a heck of a time getting him there.

I wouldn’t have imagined that Nate would get him to the ground by boxing his ears off (one would think that trading with McGregor for any extended amount of time would have resulted in Nate Diaz unconsciously grabbing the referee’s leg after the stoppage).

Outstanding work but really just par for the course for what the Diaz brothers have always done.

Stockton, motherf*cker.

Congratulations...you played yourself.
Congratulations…you played yourself.
  •  A quick order of events for one Jose Aldo. Let me get this straight.

January 27th: Jose Aldo pleads for a McGregor rematch, anytime and anywhere. States that he has been in the gym working, “adjusting his weapons and getting better” since December.
February 23rd: Rafael Dos Anjos is injured and pulls out of UFC 196 against Conor McGregor.
February 23rd: Aldo is offered the opportunity, promptly refuses it, states that he is not ready
March 5th: Nate Diaz accepts the fight on 11 days notice and works McGregor in 2 Rounds
March 5th: Aldo pops up and shouts for a McGregor rematch

oh ok.

Bantamweight Round-robin
Bantamweight round-robin
  •  Meisha Tate is basically keeping Ronda Rousey’s belt warm until she returns to the sport. Upon winning the title back, Ronda Rousey will rematch Holly Holm and suffer a similar fate to the first fight. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship is just going to rotate amongst these 3 women until one of them retires or gets injured (eg. Ronda Rousey actually removing Tate’s whole arm from her torso)