Sauce Walka feat Philthy Rich – Like Nothing (Directed by Alger Johnson)

@sauce_walka102, @philthyrichfod
@sauce_walka102, @philthyrichfod

Sauce Walka feat Philthy Rich - Like Nothing - Alger Johnson - VHUW

From, “Sauce Walka – Holy Sauce” (2016, The Sauce Familia)

  • Outstanding work here (both song & video)
  • There was once talk about a Sauce Twinz & Philthy Rich collaboration album (“Turn Around & See What You Turnin’ Down“), however with ephemeral nature of proposed indie rap releases, that may never come to fruition. I think fans would do just as well to have those recorded tracks distributed among upcoming releases or as periodic singles anyway.
  • On the other hand, there were also rumblings of a Philthy Rich & Mozzy collaboration album (“Political Ties“). For that project, as opposed to a compilation of recycled material (a la, Philthy & Joe Blow – MobWire), I would wish for an actual work in which Philthy snatches Mozzy and puts him on different production (outside of JuneOnnaBeat) with various guests to compliment the engagement. All other instances of this tactic have resulted in skilled mayhem and I’m going to need more of that before the year is out.¹

¹Nah, I’m not counting the One Mob material.


Sauce Walka – Oh Yeah (Prod. by FredOnEm)

  • Roman

    Seems like they indeed take the solo projects route. Assume you already heard the nobfe/tsf track on Philthy’s latest, and Preddy Boy P has one on the third installment of Itchy Palm$ with Pooh Hef.

    • CafeManagement

      Yeah, I’m not mad at it. I’ve been killing all the single stuff Walk put out, though. Big Paid, Racks On Me, plus the whole of Sorry 4 the Sauce 3 mixtape. I don’t normally look forward to rap releases anymore but, “Sauce Walka – The Sauce Father” is definitely on my radar right now.