Puablo15 – Finessing 101 / 2nd Chance at Life

Puablo15 - PuabloTV - 1500 Family - Finessing 101

"Don't hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed" - Puablo15 (iampuablo15)

Puablo15 – Finessing 101 (Prod. by Puablo15 & Directed by 1500 Films)

Puablo15 – 2nd Chance at Life (Prod. by Puablo15)

From, “Puablo15 – Puablo TV” (2016)

“Trap full of guns, cards, and reader-writers
climb through your window like a firefigher”

– Puablo works the role of┬áBruh-man from the 5th flo’ in his hood

“If I send Squeak and Tay on ya, Hoe you might get boxed
Don’t hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed
Or you might get served some duwop in a Ziplock”

– Helpful counsel before an excursion to the 1500 block

West Oakland whiz & mastermind Puablo15 (@iampuablo15) definitely has some shit in store. I’ll stay tuned.


Puablo15 feat ??? – Miss Me (Prod. by Puablo15)