Philthy Rich & Kae One – 100 Thousand (Prod. by AK47)

Philthy Rich - Kae One - AK47 - 100 Thousand - Rich Nigga Issues
Philthy Rich - Kae One - AK47 - 100_Thousand - Rich Nigga Issues

Directed by Vivid Visual Films

From, “Philthy Rich & Kae One – Rich Nigga Issues” (Team Player Records, 2016)

Glorious. All parties involved should be proud of this one, AK47 included.

Special shout out to Spokane Washington’s Certified with the cameo. If you’re unfamiliar with the Certified Outfit, you might check out “Grease” (2007) and “The Underworld” (2008) (the latter of which still makes it’s way into heavy rotation 8 years later).

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Philthy Rich feat Lil Blood – “Never Enough” (Directed by Jae Synth)

This video is gonna have the courts believing that Philthy and Blood are really out here beating these woes. Entertaining as shit, though. Also, how is it that a Philthy & Blood project is not on the horizon?

Kae One feat The Jacka & Carey Stacks – “Forever” (2015)

Car raps >>>

I swear The Bay and it’s satellites (Midwest, Pacific Northwest, etc) are the only rap regions with gear-heads infatuated enough to ramble about Limited Slip Differentials, with a passion, on a recurring basis. R.I.P. King Jack.

Certified feat Frijiea (The Underworld) – “Took Your Life” (2008)

Still. STILL.