Get In That Pot and Do a Uppercut

Migos - Zaytoven - 3 Way Intro
Migos - Zaytoven - 3 Way Intro -

“Fuck it up, fuck it up…
Get in that pot, do a uppercut” – OFFSET (@OffsetYRN)

  • Sorry I’m late but this was raw as shit. I’m partial to Offset’s verse in the middle but the entire affair is outta hand.
  • This is the type of record that’s going to get me additional points on my driver’s license.
  • I’ve read that listeners are disappointed at the lack of a Summer Anthem for 2016, and while there probably hasn’t been a consensus, “Key to The Streets” came closest to filling that role for me.¹


From, “Migos – 3 Way EP” (2016, Quality Control Music, YRN)

¹I’m not even certain that there’s a, “Summer Anthem” every summer anyway.

Also quite taken by this one,

Migos – Say Sum (Prod. by the Honorable C-Note)