• RobbyRav

    This is really good.

  • hhcrazy

    Uncle Debe is a/k/a Debeahcee or CP Debeahcee. He is a rapper/singer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is well known in Vegas Hip-Hop circles and he has worked alongside the majority of rappers in Vegas including TDK, Mr. Finley (Wease Mac). He is part of a ‘crew’ called “The Blade Boyz” –– a large group but the 3 main members are Daze Bond, Wink Bain, and Debeahcee. At one time, he was also part of a much larger crew (effort) called “Money Vault Cartel” –– which consisted of several Vegas MCs like Bobbii Bon Jovi (Jovi Jov), J-Reezy (Reezy), Easy Redd, Daze Bond, and several others. –– Tommy Corman, writer behind IndieMusicGuide.WordPress.com

  • hhcrazy

    he hasn’t been active on twitter for over 2 years but here is/was his twitter –– https://twitter.com/Debeahcee

  • CafeManagement

    Thanks for the heads up; I appreciate you sliding through with the facts. His work on this joint with Daze Bond & Jovi Jov is excellent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW2bnCoB50s. With that said, I’ve love to hear him knock out and entire project under the sound and aesthetic of “Nothin’ Mo Gangsta” (an EP at least).