AzSwaye feat Panda BadAzz & P2 – I’m Not (Prod. by Ron-Ron) (Throw Awayz 3)

AzSwaye - Panda BadAzz - P2 - Twoskee - Ron-Ron - I'm Not

@AzSWAYE_, @PandaBadAzz, @twoskee

From, “AzSwaye – Throw Awayz 3” (2016)

Had to keep up with AzSwaye since his exceptional appearance on Domino Effekt earlier this year.

Kid is the angriest rapper I’ve heard rapper since….

No finesse or guile here; just barefaced hard-raps.

That’s P2 on the hook. Panda BadAzz (P1) has the first verse which places AzSwaye essentially in the guest spot (which he’s adept at crushing anyway).

If these are just his throwaways, then shit…everyone keep an eye out for his keepers.



Panda BadAzz feat AzSwaye – Last Hoe (Prod. by DJ Official & Dir. by 1937 Films)

PandaBadAzz - P1 - AzSwaye - DJ Official - Last Hoe - 1937 Films