Mac J – Northside Story (Local Celebrity, @TrueStory_MacJ)


A New Challenger Approaches!

Name – Mac J
Location – Northside of Sacramento, CA
Label – True Story Entertainment
Rap region lineage – J-Mack, Hollow Tip, Ballin Ass Dame
Producers – DaddieRon Beatz, EZ, Gorilla Bangerz
Lookalikes – Rico Recklezz

Street-violence and gang-enhanced jail sentences somewhat stifled Oak Park and South Sacramento’s rap scenes (and the lives of those involved) but lo and behold North Sacramento’s new class has been bubbling.

Mac J’s slick wordplay and thoughtfully crafted first-hand street depictions harken back to cultclassics from predecessors Hollow Tip and Ballin’ Ass Dame but updated to reflect the current generation’s┬ásocial environment & rap stylings.

Below is an 11-track playlist to serve as a primer before Mac J’s latest release, “Mac J- Local Celebrity” (True Story Ent., 2017).

Mac J – Northside Story (Youtube Playlist, 2017)

  1. Mac J – “All Weak” (Prod. by EZ & Shot by Trevor Potter)
  2. Mac J– “Difference” (Prod. by DaddieRon Beatz & Dir. by Tstrongvfx)
  3. Mac J – “Roll Up” (Prod. by DJ Pain1 & Directed by Bro Jackson Visuals)
  4. Mac J – “Facts” (Prod. by DaddieRon Beatz & Dir. by Tstrongvfx)
  5. IzReal AzItGets feat Moet Manny & Mac J – Hustle In The Rain (Directed by Jae Synth)
  6. Mac J feat Edd Makkin – “Deeper” (Prod. by Gorilla Bangerz & Shot by Natho / OGMedia)
  7. Mac J – “I Need to Chill” (From, “Full Court Press” mixtape 2013)
  8. Mac J – “Want It All” (Prod. by DaddieRon Beatz & Dir. by Bub Da Sop)
  9. Mac J – “Paranoid” (Prod. by DaddieRon Beatz)
  10. Mac J feat Steeezy – “No Time” (Prod. by EZ & Dir. by WeThePartySean)
  11. Mac J – “Never Going Back” (Prod. by DaddieRon Beatz & Dir. by Dope Scorsese)

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