Joe Blow feat 38 Spesh & Rydah J. Klyde – Lost Child


From, “Joe Blow – You Should Be Payin’ Me Too!!” (2016, Blow Money Records)

I need a late-pass for this gem. Top performances from 38 Spesh and Rydah J. Klyde (Blow holds his own as well; trademarked voice-crack intact).

Though he’s been under pressure recently and is seemingly disenchanted with this rap shit, I’m genuinely intrigued to hear his new shit. To hear him tell it, his next and final album, “Joe Blow – Blow Money” is coming soon.

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Street Knowledge – Barry Bonds (Dir. by Chucky Treez)

Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill Yaself
Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill_Yaself

@streetknowledg3, TreaL KikZ

Street Knowledge has some the most stylized bars this side of Mozzy. The best Street Knowledge verses are those descriptive joints expertly weaved together entirely on regional slang, firearm variants, vehicle makes, and designer brands. Exhibit A, B, C. There aren’t too many others doing the fly gangster aesthetic better than this.

From, “Street Knowledge – Kill Yaself” (2016, The Artist Records/ NuMunnie)

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