Mo Gwop feat LilJeffgoesin – Can’t Stand Me (Prod. by Real Smoov)

@mogwop, @liljeffgoesin

“You think she faithful but she ain’t, though
Had her in the Range Rove’, panties down to her ankles
Like an episode of Bang Bros” – Prince Jeffrey

Some of my favorite ad-libs are rappers laughing at their own jokes on the track.

This record definitely deserves a video. Not only because the song is a winner but because the video would usurp this questionable cover art.


P1 & Lil Bro feat Mo Gwop – Meet Me At The Chevy (Dir. by Kenneth Wynn)

Prod. by RadioAktive

I’m a sucker for rap records relating to General Motors vehicles plus Mo Gwop absolutely crushed this.

You know it’s a hard chorus when the rapper (Lil Bro, in this case) can’t help but sing along before leading into his own verse.

Panda BadAzz – In Too Deep (Dir. by Ronnie Lewis Productions)



From, “Panda BadAzz – In Too Deep” EP (2016, Young Nigga Movement)

P1 has been quite active over the past year (the “Young Nigga Movement” mixtape w/ Lil Bro, “Been BadAzz” LP, “Been BadAzz: The Lost Files”, the “Three Two One” EP w/ P2, “In Too Deep” EP, and a myriad of slick guest verses).

With that said, the project that I’ve rocked with the most has been, “Panda BadAzz – Making Plays 2” (Hosted by DJ Official).

If you’re the type that likes to download as opposed to stream, use the link below:


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AzSwaye feat Panda BadAzz & P2 – I’m Not (Prod. by Ron-Ron) (Throw Awayz 3)

AzSwaye - Panda BadAzz - P2 - Twoskee - Ron-Ron - I'm Not

@AzSWAYE_, @PandaBadAzz, @twoskee

From, “AzSwaye – Throw Awayz 3” (2016)

Had to keep up with AzSwaye since his exceptional appearance on Domino Effekt earlier this year.

Kid is the angriest rapper I’ve heard rapper since….

No finesse or guile here; just barefaced hard-raps.

That’s P2 on the hook. Panda BadAzz (P1) has the first verse which places AzSwaye essentially in the guest spot (which he’s adept at crushing anyway).

If these are just his throwaways, then shit…everyone keep an eye out for his keepers.

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Panda BadAzz – Bank Scams & Check Juggs (Prod. by ShawnBeats)

From, “Panda BadAzz – Been BadAzz: The Lost Files” (2016)

Slept on BaddAzz this year. For sure one to watch in L.A.

“Panda BaddAzz – In Too Deep EP” drops Nov. 9th, 21016.

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