Vellione – Stranded On The Wire (Dir. by 4 Dub Ent & Prod. by The Mekanix)


@vell_livewire, @TheMekanix, @ThatGuy510

From, “Vellione – Stranded On The Wire” (2016, LiveWire Records)

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Joe Blow feat 38 Spesh & Rydah J. Klyde – Lost Child


From, “Joe Blow – You Should Be Payin’ Me Too!!” (2016, Blow Money Records)

I need a late-pass for this gem. Top performances from 38 Spesh and Rydah J. Klyde (Blow holds his own as well; trademarked voice-crack intact).

Though he’s been under pressure recently and is seemingly disenchanted with this rap shit, I’m genuinely intrigued to hear his new shit. To hear him tell it, his next and final album, “Joe Blow – Blow Money” is coming soon.

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Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Shoota Gang (Prod. By Hitman Beatz)

From, “Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Political Ties” (2016, SCMM LLC / Mozzy Records)

Las Vegas’ Hitman Beatz has to be quietly proud of this one. For Philthy/ Mozzy to come and shop with him and use this jewel has to be a feather in Hitman’s cap. That is, in reference to rappers using a risky/ unique record from a producer rather than sticking with their normal (read: safe) sound. Refer to that old with Lex Luger interview discussing why all his beats sound the same.¹

Real quick, this is clearly a project for the fans. No recycled tracks, production line-up is outlandish (Kacey Khaliel, Hitman Beatz, The Mekanix, Zaytoven, JuneOnnaBeat, Phantom Beatz, AK47), thematic interludes from MAC Blast. This could have easily been a collection of repurposed loosies and incidental collabs from other projects thrown together with intrusive DJ drops over top.

Aloof & Too-rich-to-care demeanor not withstanding, Philthy Rich is undoubtedly aware of his fanbase (perhaps heeding the hard lessons learned from those rappers before him).

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Street Knowledge – Barry Bonds (Dir. by Chucky Treez)

Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill Yaself
Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill_Yaself

@streetknowledg3, TreaL KikZ

Street Knowledge has some the most stylized bars this side of Mozzy. The best Street Knowledge verses are those descriptive joints expertly weaved together entirely on regional slang, firearm variants, vehicle makes, and designer brands. Exhibit A, B, C. There aren’t too many others doing the fly gangster aesthetic better than this.

From, “Street Knowledge – Kill Yaself” (2016, The Artist Records/ NuMunnie)

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Sky Balla feat Philthy Rich & 40 Keys – If You My Nigga (Prod. by AK47)

Sky Balla - Philthy Rich - 40 Keys - AK47 - Dope Scorsese
Sky Balla - Philthy Rich - 40 Keys - AK-47 - Dope Scorsese

@tharealskyballa, @philthyrichfod, @40keys, @ak47musik

From, “Sky Balla – Narco Life” (B.M.F. Empire, 2016)

  • You already knew who produced this before you read any credits or heard the tag. Video Directed by Dope Scorsese.
  • Sky Balla’s unwavering dedication to baseball gloves in 2016 is frankly impressive and respected on this side.
  • Perhaps making up for lost time, $ky is already hard at work on his next release tentatively titled, “Sky Balla – Blowin’ Money Fast

Sauce Walka feat Philthy Rich – Like Nothing (Directed by Alger Johnson)

@sauce_walka102, @philthyrichfod
@sauce_walka102, @philthyrichfod

Sauce Walka feat Philthy Rich - Like Nothing - Alger Johnson - VHUW

From, “Sauce Walka – Holy Sauce” (2016, The Sauce Familia)

  • Outstanding work here (both song & video)
  • There was once talk about a Sauce Twinz & Philthy Rich collaboration album (“Turn Around & See What You Turnin’ Down“), however with ephemeral nature of proposed indie rap releases, that may never come to fruition. I think fans would do just as well to have those recorded tracks distributed among upcoming releases or as periodic singles anyway.
  • On the other hand, there were also rumblings of a Philthy Rich & Mozzy collaboration album (“Political Ties“). For that project, as opposed to a compilation of recycled material (a la, Philthy & Joe Blow – MobWire), I would wish for an actual work in which Philthy snatches Mozzy and puts him on different production (outside of JuneOnnaBeat) with various guests to compliment the engagement. All other instances of this tactic have resulted in skilled mayhem and I’m going to need more of that before the year is out.¹

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Puablo15 – Finessing 101 / 2nd Chance at Life

Puablo15 - PuabloTV - 1500 Family - Finessing 101

"Don't hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed" - Puablo15 (iampuablo15)

Puablo15 – Finessing 101 (Prod. by Puablo15 & Directed by 1500 Films)

Puablo15 – 2nd Chance at Life (Prod. by Puablo15)

From, “Puablo15 – Puablo TV” (2016)

“Trap full of guns, cards, and reader-writers
climb through your window like a firefigher”

– Puablo works the role of Bruh-man from the 5th flo’ in his hood

“If I send Squeak and Tay on ya, Hoe you might get boxed
Don’t hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed
Or you might get served some duwop in a Ziplock”

– Helpful counsel before an excursion to the 1500 block

West Oakland whiz & mastermind Puablo15 (@iampuablo15) definitely has some shit in store. I’ll stay tuned.

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Lil Tae – 100+ Real

“The streets got more money than love for me” – Lil Tae (@TMNliltae)

  • Just a quick reminder (or first notification for those not familiar) in order to keep Tae’s name up while he’s locked down
  • Bro dropped arguably the best material of his career while incarcerated and unable to promote
  • Analogous to posthumous, there needs to be a term to describe the work released while an artist is imprisoned.* Regardless 2015’s, “Wait for Me” was easily one of my favorite indie rap releases of last year
  • 12 song YouTube Playlist and some downloads on the next page

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