Mo Gwop feat LilJeffgoesin – Can’t Stand Me (Prod. by Real Smoov)

@mogwop, @liljeffgoesin

“You think she faithful but she ain’t, though
Had her in the Range Rove’, panties down to her ankles
Like an episode of Bang Bros” – Prince Jeffrey

Some of my favorite ad-libs are rappers laughing at their own jokes on the track.

This record definitely deserves a video. Not only because the song is a winner but because the video would usurp this questionable cover art.


P1 & Lil Bro feat Mo Gwop – Meet Me At The Chevy (Dir. by Kenneth Wynn)

Prod. by RadioAktive

I’m a sucker for rap records relating to General Motors vehicles plus Mo Gwop absolutely crushed this.

You know it’s a hard chorus when the rapper (Lil Bro, in this case) can’t help but sing along before leading into his own verse.

P2 (Twoskee) – Last Night / Every Place feat MoGwop (Prod. by RadioAktive)

“Hope I remember my night, this a cold feeling” – Young Twoske

@twoskee, @Og_MoGwop, radioaktivebbts

“Last Night” is the type of interlude that you put on indefinite loop and play ad nauseam in an attempt to make a full song out of a woefully short masterpiece.

I’m going need P2 to drop a solo project in 2017ยน

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