Rich The Factor feat Rush – Big Shit / Understand feat Bre (the 1st Lady)


  • Rich has been perennially cool since 1995. His creez is evergreen; prison couldn’t take it from him.
  • The Black Border Brothers reunited (the balance restored)
  • In a year in which several great entertainers & athletes couldn’t escape their own mortality, it’s good to remember that Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Rich the Factor all touched down and made it home safely. Celebrate great ones while they’re alive. Rich The Factor is a 1st ballot hall-of-famer.

Whole 2nd Verse is crucial,

“…So I pray to God, hope to see better days
Now it’s 2 more kids dead from a couple strays
They never hit who they came for; They lame, Bro
Shoot scary & run, then call it a gang war”

Produced by Nae-D (@KansasCityNaeD)

We MFR Presents: Whale Mafi” (2016, We MFR)
Rich The Factor – Rose Out The Concrete” (2016, We MFR)

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Young Devi D – IDK Yo Situation / Ain’t No Question (Chess Not Checkers)

Young Devi D - IDK Yo Situation - Chess Not Checkers
“A Kingpin in the process…” – @young_devi_dude

From, “Young Devi D – Chess Not Checkers” (2016, Nexxt Level)

Was killing, “Chess Not…” earlier in the year and it’s recently found it’s way back into heavy rotation 4th quarter. Really one of the best indie rap releases this year. Peace to David Drake and them for the tip.

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Mykell Vaughn – She Don’t Wanna (Prod. by Big Hack & The Trump Boys)

mykell vaughn - she don't wanna - dellio
mykell vaughn - she don't wanna - Big Hack and The Trump Boys

  • A lot of push behind, “Bend it Ova” however I feel like this is easily the stronger of the two records
  • Fellow Kansas City cohort Dellio (@DELLIO43) has stated that he and Vaughn have material in the works. Whether that is just a couple cuts or an entire project is unknown but I wouldn’t mind hearing Dellio jump on a, “She Don’t Wanna” remix.
  • Speaking of Dellio, the follow-up to last year’s “#FRFR” is apparently dropping very soon. Possible title, “Dellio – Money On My Head”
  • Quick note: Some of the regulars/ patrons of the Cafe wish to have Mykell re-consider the possible benefits ($$$) of┬áhaving her rock with everybody else.