Money Wade feat Hitman Beatz, Muney Krane, & Lady Bree – All Night Long (Dir. by BAMLV)

  • Always love a good hustler/ trapper’s anthem. Great way to start the year.
  • Per usual, thunderous applause and other superlatives due to Hitman Beatz for the production effort. Really Las Vegas’ finest.
  • @Money2BeMadeWade, @HitmanBeatz3E, @IAm_ThaRealYoungKrane, @LadyBreeBBO

Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Shoota Gang (Prod. By Hitman Beatz)

From, “Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Political Ties” (2016, SCMM LLC / Mozzy Records)

Las Vegas’ Hitman Beatz has to be quietly proud of this one. For Philthy/ Mozzy to come and shop with him and use this jewel has to be a feather in Hitman’s cap. That is, in reference to rappers using a risky/ unique record from a producer rather than sticking with their normal (read: safe) sound. Refer to that old with Lex Luger interview discussing why all his beats sound the same.¹

Real quick, this is clearly a project for the fans. No recycled tracks, production line-up is outlandish (Kacey Khaliel, Hitman Beatz, The Mekanix, Zaytoven, JuneOnnaBeat, Phantom Beatz, AK47), thematic interludes from MAC Blast. This could have easily been a collection of repurposed loosies and incidental collabs from other projects thrown together with intrusive DJ drops over top.

Aloof & Too-rich-to-care demeanor not withstanding, Philthy Rich is undoubtedly aware of his fanbase (perhaps heeding the hard lessons learned from those rappers before him).

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DJ Esco: Nuke Bizzle – Plug Talkin’ & Blood Walkin’

"I blow money, that dope money, that hoe money, that show money" - Bizzle
“I blow money, that dope money, that hoe money, that show money” – Bizzle

Nuke Bizzle feat Ice Burgandy & Luxury Tax 50 – “Blow”

Nuke Bizzle feat Ice Burgandy & Luxury Tax 50 – “In the Mob I Trust” (Prod. by Breezy Bugatti)

From – DJ Esco & Nuke Bizzle – Plug Talkin’ & Blood Walkin’ (2014)

  • This 2014 release from South Memphis rapper Nuke Bizzle existed in the odd but understandable cross-section of Freebandz/ B.S.M./ NOBFE
  • Though these two cuts feature Bizzle, Ice Burgandy, and Luxury Tax 50 together, “Plug Talkin, Blood Walkin” is a solo tape. Wish those 3 had completed a collective effort before Nuke’s incarceration.
  • The project features Cafe del Rey regulars Philthy Rich, Pooh Hefner, Ice Burgandy,  Hitman Beatz, Lit Soxx, & Skrapp or Die.


[UPDATE] Nuke Bizzle is a free man

Weebo & Lit Soxx – Money Making Mission (Prod. by Hitman Beatz)

Weebo - Lit Soxx - Hitman Beatz - Money Making Mission

@MoneyMakinWee, @LitSoxx702, @HitmanBeatz3e

West Vegas linked up real quick with the boy Hitman Beatz (Lavish Life Ent. x Only The Muscle)

Lit Soxx sounds inspired again, like he has some shit to say; XX Up Next, as he would tell you.



Weebo feat D Cross – “Bandz On Top of Bandz” (Prod. by Mike Nef and Directed by A Good Break)

@MoneyMakinWee, @Millionair_Mindset, @mikenefbeats

“Weebo – Life Behind The Lights Vol. 1” now available for free on Soundcloud, DatPiff, Spinrilla, etc.

Ice Burgandy – Real Nigga, Fake Rapper

Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM)
Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM) Screenshot from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day In The Yung”

Brick Squad Monopoly affiliate, NOBFE affiliate, and now Skrapp Or Die C.E.O., Ice Burgandy has been working on his, “Real Nigga, Fake Rapper” project since 2014. I’ve pulled together a 14-track playlist as a refresher until RNFR Vol. 1 materializes.

Credit to the boy Burgandy for producing another superlative album title on level with 2012’s, “Progress Involves Risk Unfortunately”

Don’t care if it was released 4 years ago, Role Model should still receive a music video. I would settle for concert footage cut w/ tour bus performance footage.

The above screenshot is from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day in The Yung” in which a young Sean Mackk scolds a band of Brick Squad Monopoly members for having made multiple court appearances, yet still being at a loss in knowing how to properly tie their ties, making the entire crew late for a scheduled club appearance later that evening (in which two scantily-clad women duke it out in an unsanctioned boxing exhibition for @KristianiNicole’s birthday party).

Tracklist and credits on the next page.

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Weebo – Ride For Me / All I Ever Wanted (Prod. by Hitman Beatz)

"They don't call me Money Makin' Wee for nothin'" - @MoneyMakinWee

From, “Weebo – Life Behind The Lights, Vol. 1” (Lavish Life Ent & Mike Nef, 2015)

  • Hitman Beatz can really do no wrong. (If you’re unfamiliar go check his work on #NOBFE3, Messy vs Philthy, Itchy Palms 2)
  • “Ride For Me” has the best Love Don’t Live Here-inspired interpolation since 5150 Illegally Insane – “Steady Stayin’ Paid 95
  • The second cut is actually a Youngin’ Stay Paid record but it appears on Weebo’s official release and he really shines the brightest on it.

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Pooh Hefner – All Night Long / Turn Her Out

Hef Curry (@p00h__hefner)
Hef Curry (@p00h__hefner)

Pooh Hefner – All Night Long (Dir. by Dope Scorcese)

Pooh Hefner - All Night Long - Hef Curry - AOB - NOBFE

Pooh Hefner – Turn Her Out (Prod. by TraxxFDR & Dir. by Brian Storm)

"She get hers from a trick, I get mines from her" - Pooh Hefner
“She get hers from a trick, I get mines from her” – Pooh Hefner
  • Note, the album production vs video version of, “Turn Her Out” are different beats. TraxxFDR laced the production for both; however, the video version is far superior to what landed on the album for official release.

From, “Pooh Hefner – Hef Curry” (AOB Ent, 2015)


Hyph Feat Pooh Hefner – P Hours (Prod. by Hitman Beatz & Directed by BAMLV)

  • Including this not only because it’s a dope record but because Richmond’s Hyph (@hyph_) let it slip via Instagram a few weeks ago that the NOBFE collective is currently at work on #NOBFE Vol. 4.
  • Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner’s NOBFE clique is easily most entertaining crew out since Members of Byrdgang (R.I.P. Stack Bundles, Free Max BiGGaVeli and all that)
  • Various cuts from NOBFE Vol.1, Vol.2, & Vol.3 are still in heavy rotation through the loudspeakers at Café del Rey