Ice Burgandy – Real Nigga, Fake Rapper

Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM)
Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM) Screenshot from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day In The Yung”

Brick Squad Monopoly affiliate, NOBFE affiliate, and now Skrapp Or Die C.E.O., Ice Burgandy has been working on his, “Real Nigga, Fake Rapper” project since 2014. I’ve pulled together a 14-track playlist as a refresher¬†until RNFR Vol. 1 materializes.

Credit to the boy Burgandy for producing another superlative album title on level with 2012’s, “Progress Involves Risk Unfortunately”

Don’t care if it was released 4 years ago, Role Model should still receive a music video. I would settle for concert footage cut w/ tour bus performance footage.

The above screenshot is from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day in The Yung” in which a young Sean Mackk scolds a band of Brick Squad Monopoly members for having made multiple court appearances, yet still being at a loss in¬†knowing how to properly tie their ties, making the entire crew late for a scheduled club appearance later that evening (in which two scantily-clad women duke it out in an unsanctioned boxing exhibition for @KristianiNicole’s birthday party).

Tracklist and credits on the next page.

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Skrapp Or Die: Wild Wild West – M.F.M.

S.O.D. in these streets is like Money May in the ring, nigga... Can't be touched.
“S.O.D. in these streets is like Money May in the ring, nigga… Can’t be touched.” – Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West feat Dinero & Lucci Ca$h (Prod by Codey Got Beatz)

I really couldn’t ask for more from a rap record.
From, “DJ Racks – Skrapp Or Die: I Kan’t Walk, Walk For Me” (Hosted by Philthy Rich, 2013)

skrapp or die i kan't walk, walk for me