Sky Balla feat Yowda and Berner – Come From Nothing (Shot by DJ Crook)

See the Pride and Pain in my Mama’s eyes?

Balla’s stint in prison (not to make light of the situation) served as a time-capsule to perfectly preserve him as a rapper from a different era.

Narco Life is the exact project you would hope for from Sky Balla post-incarceration.

He’s a veteran boxer coming off an extended lay-off. One who shook off all signs of ring-rust to come back with the composure, educated jab, and Ring IQ of a master boxer.

Surprisingly potent verse from Berner, here. I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised as Berner just released two great albums within the span of 12 months in Packs and Sleepwalkin’. The latter of which not only his best release to date, but easily one of my favorite albums this year.

Rich The Factor feat Rush – Big Shit / Understand feat Bre (the 1st Lady)


  • Rich has been perennially cool since 1995. His creez is evergreen; prison couldn’t take it from him.
  • The Black Border Brothers reunited (the balance restored)
  • In a year in which several great entertainers & athletes couldn’t escape their own mortality, it’s good to remember that Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Rich the Factor all touched down and made it home safely. Celebrate great ones while they’re alive. Rich The Factor is a 1st ballot hall-of-famer.

Whole 2nd Verse is crucial,

“…So I pray to God, hope to see better days
Now it’s 2 more kids dead from a couple strays
They never hit who they came for; They lame, Bro
Shoot scary & run, then call it a gang war”

Produced by Nae-D (@KansasCityNaeD)

We MFR Presents: Whale Mafi” (2016, We MFR)
Rich The Factor – Rose Out The Concrete” (2016, We MFR)

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Sky Balla feat Philthy Rich & 40 Keys – If You My Nigga (Prod. by AK47)

Sky Balla - Philthy Rich - 40 Keys - AK47 - Dope Scorsese
Sky Balla - Philthy Rich - 40 Keys - AK-47 - Dope Scorsese

@tharealskyballa, @philthyrichfod, @40keys, @ak47musik

From, “Sky Balla – Narco Life” (B.M.F. Empire, 2016)

  • You already knew who produced this before you read any credits or heard the tag. Video Directed by Dope Scorsese.
  • Sky Balla’s unwavering dedication to baseball gloves in 2016 is frankly impressive and respected on this side.
  • Perhaps making up for lost time, $ky is already hard at work on his next release tentatively titled, “Sky Balla – Blowin’ Money Fast

Sky Balla – Back & Better

"Just in case niggas forgot..." - Sky Balla (@ThaRealSkyBalla)
“Just in case niggas forgot…” – Sky Balla (@ThaRealSkyBalla)

Sky Balla – Me O.K. (G-Mix)

Sky Balla – Don’t (G-Mix)

  • Triumphant.
  • This second cut preserved the best bits of Bryon Tiller’s, “Don’t” and paved over the rest with Sky Balla’s dope-boy shit so nicely that I’ll never need to listen to the original Tiller record again.

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