PacMan Da Gunman – Blue Rag (Prod. by Jae Marley)

PacMan Da GunMan - Blue Rag - 6 Plays - All Money In PlayBall


  • Quick little heater from PacMan Da Gunman. PacMan needed just 2 minutes to get his point across.
  • Track is stout but can bench-press 350lbs reps easy.
  • Though this cut is probably too uncivilized for his current guise, I would love to hear Nipsey Hussle add another verse here.
  • This record is from the EP before the LP (titled, “PacMan Da Gunman – Optimistic”). The first single titled, “Pacman Da Gunman – Eazy feat Joe Moses”, is set for release 5/20/2016. From the various clips released thus far, Da Guman may have a winner on his hands.