2Realist feat Lit Soxx – Bless Tha Streetz

@2RealistCM, @Litsoxx702, King Vay: They brought extra.
@2RealistCM, @Litsoxx702, King Vay – They brought extra.

I wouldn’t consider murder-raps 2Realist’s main dish but paired with Lit Soxx, they’ve delivered what is likely a career benchmark on this one. Never satisfied, I would love if this gained momentum and garnered a remix with other Las Vegas alum (Westtsew, Yowda, ThaLandlord, etc.). Northern California recruits Mozzy, Philthy Rich, and Lil Blood would sound at home here, as well (though your man Mozzy is absolutely ubiquitous at the moment).

Those outside the region (like myself) probably remember the young dude Lit Soxx from Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner’s, NOBFE Vol. 3 on the track “I Deserve It.” (“Got moms off that wet, she deserve that”)

Earlier material had a hurried flow that veered into Meek Mill-ish territory. Recent verses, however, have the West Vegas representative exacting his flow and lining up to release undoubtedly breakout material for himself in 2016.


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