Pacman Da Gunman feat G Perico – Zone (Prod. by SpaceNTime)

@1960pm, @BGPerico

Hook and refrain are quite accurate.

“I wanna be the first Crip with a billion” – Perico’s whole verse goes crazy.

Congrats on Pacman’s “Do It For the Hood” reaching 450,000 views.¹

Go check out,

Pacman’s latest: Optimistic II (2017, All Money In)
G Perico’s latest: All Blue (2017, So Way Out)

¹ Not that YouTube views alone represent an artist’s success but I love to see an independent artist get heard on that next level.

G Perico – All Blue (Prod. by Kacey Khaliel)

Pacman Da Gunman feat Joe Moses – Eazy (Prod. by SpaceNtime)

  • Roman

    Glad you found something from L.A. to be optimistic about. Gutted by the loss of Sean Mackk. Thank you for pointing to MackkRucci last year, remembered him from PIRU, but would have missed it if it wasn’t for your post.

    • CafeManagement

      Terrible. I was just regretting the loss of Kid Cali Oso the day before this.