Shaun Sloan – Just Joseph (Prod. by Cru Alxndr & Dir. by Eric Nelson)

@RealShaunSloan, @CruAlxndr

From, “Shaun Sloan – The Motions” due Jan. 28th, 2017

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G2 (Get Money Genre) – Me (Prod. by Young Vance)

@getmoneygenre.g2, @youngvance1

Had to keep an eye on young dude from the Crenshaw District since he finessed that verse on, “2 High” with Petty Petty last year:

For sure one to watch in 2017.

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Money Wade feat Hitman Beatz, Muney Krane, & Lady Bree – All Night Long (Dir. by BAMLV)

  • Always love a good hustler/ trapper’s anthem. Great way to start the year.
  • Per usual, thunderous applause and other superlatives due to Hitman Beatz for the production effort. Really Las Vegas’ finest.
  • @Money2BeMadeWade, @HitmanBeatz3E, @IAm_ThaRealYoungKrane, @LadyBreeBBO

Shon DOE (Dollars Over Everything) feat Sean Kingston – Masked Up

“We ain’t leaving ’til the bag stuffed
Street niggas; Only dollar signs attract us” – Shon Doe


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Cafe Favorites of 2016 (Albums, Songs, Videos)

A quick run-down of the Cafe’s favorite shit in 2016.

In no real order (aside from the first entry):


“I ain’t one of a kind, I’m kinda the one” – Ransom (@Ransom)

Ransom – “History of Violence
Still head & shoulders above everything else for me this year (aside from the Solange album, but this is primarily a rap blog)
Skeme – “Paranoia
Young Devi D – “Chess Not Checkers
Sauce Walka – “Holy Sauce” – Masterstroke’athin
Panda BadAzz – “Makin’ Plays 2” / “Been BadAzz: The Lost Files
Desto Dubb – “Born to Sale Juice
38 Spesh – “The 38 Laws of Powder
Migos – “3 Way EP
Philthy Rich – “Real Niggas Back In $tyle
Yung Lean – “Warlord
Koran Streets – “You Know I Got It (The Album)
Dark Lo – “Darkaveli (Disc One)
Ty Dolla $ign – “Campaign” – Slow burn; didn’t take at first. Fell in love with this while in the car (type of music that somehow sounds better while you’re in motion). Also, possibly his most consistent project.

Non-Rap Albums
Solange – “A Seat at the Table
Tory Lanez – “Chixtape 3
Eric Bellinger – “Eventually
Wormed – “Krighsu
Vektor – “Terminal Redux
Carnosus – “Universal Culmination
Fractured Insanity – “Man Made Hell
Gomorrah – “The Haruspex


Koran Streets – “Warning” – There’s a video for this, and it’s great, but I tend to play the audio alone because the imagery in the lyrics is so dope by itself. One of the best writers active right now.
D-Rek feat G-Count – “Tapped In
Fetti Mac – “Expensive Taste
A-One – “Going In” This kid and CheezeOnDaSlap make an incredible duo
2Realist feat Lit Soxx – “Bless Tha Streetz
A-Wax – “Always Somethin“/ “My Bitch feat Vidal Garcia“/ “Dead Or In Jail
Chinx Drugz – “Match That“/ “Hold Up
Philthy Rich & Mozzy – “Shoota Gang
Mozzy feat Kid Red – “I Love My Niggaz
Kirko Bangz – “Not A Pimp
YFN Lucci feat Migos & Trouble – “Key to the Streets
Migos – “3 Way Intro
French Montana – “Ready (MC4 Intro)
Rae Sremmurd feat Guwop – “Black Beatles
Lil Yachty – “Just Keep Swimming (Lil Boat Intro)
Sauce Walka – “Oh Yeah
Majid Jordan -” Summers Over Interlude
Paul Wall & Baby Bash (The Legalizers) feat Marty Obey & Dat Boi T – “Legalize” – Free the team
Brill 4 The Thrill feat Playa Red – “How It Feels
WillThaRapper – “Pull Up, Hop Out
Joe Blow feat 38 Spesh & Rydah J. Klyde – “Lost Child
Dave East – “Deposits (EASTMIX)” / “No Lights” / “Percocets
Kanye West – “FML” / “Wolves
38 Spesh – “Risk Taker” / “Tell You Why feat Klass Murda
Bobby Brackins feat Ty$ – “Faithful
Young Devi D – “IDK Yo Situation
P2 (Twoskee) – “Last Night
P1 (Panda BadAzz) – “In Too Deep
Nispey Hussle feat Bino Rideaux & Dave East – “Clarity” / “I Don’t Stress
Sky Balla – “Me Okay Freestyle” – “I lost everything I love but I never shed a tear; Rotting in that prison cell, left for dead for 7 years”
Sonny Digital – “On It” / “50 On My Wrist
Future – “How It Feel” / “Fly Shit Only
Skeme feat Jay 305 – “Shameless
DRAKEO The Ruler – “Flex Freestyle” / “Impatient Freestyle
Poppa XO – “Pass The Bottle
Pooh Hefner – “All Night
Hyph feat Pooh Hefner – “P Hours
Koran Streets feat K.I. – “Struggle” / “Without a High School Diploma” – “My mama just asked me, ‘Can you pay the rent for me?’ She shook to look me in my eyes; ain’t shit phony”
Troy Ave – “Badass
Mob Jr. feat Dubb 20 – “Ova
Tory Lanez – “Came 4 Me” / “Save It feat Ed Sheeran
Eric Bellinger – “Notice
Donald Glover – “Redbone“/ “Zombies


Insta-classic (Damn I hate to be that guy)

Solange feat Sampha– “Don’t Touch My Hair” / “Cranes in the Sky
MackkRucci feat DRAKEO The Ruler & AzSwaye – “Domino Effekt
D-Rek feat G-Count – “Tapped In
Koran Streets – “Warning
BUDDY – “Shine
Takeshi69 feat ZillaKami– “YOKAI
Mike $aatchi – “Marty McFly
Certified – “Down 2 Ride
Kid Red feat Migos & Chris Brown – “Bounce
Migos – “3 Way Intro
Nipsey Hussle – “Status Symbol 2
Fetti Mac – “Expensive Taste
Philthy Rich – “Piss Codeine
Puablo15 – “Finessing 101

Late Pass

Cool Amerika – “No Taxes 2” (2015) – Like a motherfucker.
Kid Cali – “Jaccpot Ent Presents: Kid Cali” (2015)
LNDN DRGS – “Aktive” (2015)
Skeme – “Ingleworld 3” (2015)
The Internet – “Ego Death” (2015)
Tame Impala – “Currents” (2015)
Poppa XO – “Be Quiet” / “Let It Be Known” (2015)
Cupcakke – “Shook” (2015)
D-Rek – “Rich Mafia” (2015)

Skeme feat Jay 305 & Chyno – Shameless / Get Money Theme


Prod. by @SladeDaMonsta

9/10 when times I hear a guest verse and think, “Damn, who is that?” it turns out to be Jay305.

You can try and fight it but this is an undeniable jam. It will be played ad nauseum.


Prod. by @sizzle808MAFIA (Southside)

From, “Skeme – Before 4Eva” (2016)

DRAKEO The Ruler – Flex Freestyle (Official Music Video Shot by MrCriminal)

@iammrmosely, @mrcriminal1

Banned from TV the Internet.

Download Video via Omerta
Download Video via MEGA (Click Download Through Your Browser)

From, “DRAKEO the Ruler – SO COLD, I DO EM” (2016, Stinc Team/ 2Greedy Fam)

“DRAKEO The Ruler – I Am Mr. Mosely 3” coming soon.

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Brill 4 The Thrill feat Playa Red – Faded (Prod. by Traxx FDR)

@Brill415, @TRAXXFDR

  • This loosie from earlier this year is not to be slept on or forgotten.
  • I dig how Brill’s game is so severe, it’s got him hollerin’ in the adlibs.
  • Red’s hook then smooths shit out before another carefully crafted volley of izm from his counterpart.
  • Brilliant indeed.

Also, from days past:

Pooh Hefner feat Brilliant – Out The Game (2014)