Arion Mosley – Bitch, I Love To Trap (Dir. by @LewisYouNasty)

Tell her the truth.

From, “Arion Mosley – 20 Hours” project. Recorded in 20 hours.


Pasadena and Pomona link up:

Arion Mosley X Baby James – At the Party

@arion_mosley, IAMBABYJAMES (SoundCloud)

Hollywood – On One (Prod. by Rad Productions & Dir. by Doc Dolla)

“In Santa Rosa at the DoubleTree. I’ma tell you right now, I need a triple fee” – @GodHolly

I will forever check for Richmond’s Hollywood based off his involvement with the much vaunted NOBFE series:

Philthy Rich & Poof Hefner feat Hollywood and D Mac – Get Ya Money Up (2012, AOB Ent. / LiveWire Records)

Also, Welcome Home to D Mac.

D Mac from the Rich/ The AOB Ent., that is.


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Shaun Sloan – Just Joseph (Prod. by Cru Alxndr & Dir. by Eric Nelson)

@RealShaunSloan, @CruAlxndr

From, “Shaun Sloan – The Motions” due Jan. 28th, 2017

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G2 (Get Money Genre) – Me (Prod. by Young Vance)

@getmoneygenre.g2, @youngvance1

Had to keep an eye on young dude from the Crenshaw District since he finessed that verse on, “2 High” with Petty Petty last year:

For sure one to watch in 2017.

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Money Wade feat Hitman Beatz, Muney Krane, & Lady Bree – All Night Long (Dir. by BAMLV)

  • Always love a good hustler/ trapper’s anthem. Great way to start the year.
  • Per usual, thunderous applause and other superlatives due to Hitman Beatz for the production effort. Really Las Vegas’ finest.
  • @Money2BeMadeWade, @HitmanBeatz3E, @IAm_ThaRealYoungKrane, @LadyBreeBBO

Shon DOE (Dollars Over Everything) feat Sean Kingston – Masked Up

“We ain’t leaving ’til the bag stuffed
Street niggas; Only dollar signs attract us” – Shon Doe


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Cafe Favorites of 2016 (Albums, Songs, Videos)

A quick run-down of the Cafe’s favorite shit in 2016.

In no real order (aside from the first entry):


“I ain’t one of a kind, I’m kinda the one” – Ransom (@Ransom)

Ransom – “History of Violence
Still head & shoulders above everything else for me this year (aside from the Solange album, but this is primarily a rap blog)
Skeme – “Paranoia
Young Devi D – “Chess Not Checkers
Sauce Walka – “Holy Sauce” – Masterstroke’athin
Panda BadAzz – “Makin’ Plays 2” / “Been BadAzz: The Lost Files
Desto Dubb – “Born to Sale Juice
38 Spesh – “The 38 Laws of Powder
Migos – “3 Way EP
Philthy Rich – “Real Niggas Back In $tyle
Yung Lean – “Warlord
Koran Streets – “You Know I Got It (The Album)
Dark Lo – “Darkaveli (Disc One)
Ty Dolla $ign – “Campaign” – Slow burn; didn’t take at first. Fell in love with this while in the car (type of music that somehow sounds better while you’re in motion). Also, possibly his most consistent project.

Non-Rap Albums
Solange – “A Seat at the Table
Tory Lanez – “Chixtape 3
Eric Bellinger – “Eventually
Wormed – “Krighsu
Vektor – “Terminal Redux
Carnosus – “Universal Culmination
Fractured Insanity – “Man Made Hell
Gomorrah – “The Haruspex


Koran Streets – “Warning” – There’s a video for this, and it’s great, but I tend to play the audio alone because the imagery in the lyrics is so dope by itself. One of the best writers active right now.
D-Rek feat G-Count – “Tapped In
Fetti Mac – “Expensive Taste
A-One – “Going In” This kid and CheezeOnDaSlap make an incredible duo
2Realist feat Lit Soxx – “Bless Tha Streetz
A-Wax – “Always Somethin“/ “My Bitch feat Vidal Garcia“/ “Dead Or In Jail
Chinx Drugz – “Match That“/ “Hold Up
Philthy Rich & Mozzy – “Shoota Gang
Mozzy feat Kid Red – “I Love My Niggaz
Kirko Bangz – “Not A Pimp
YFN Lucci feat Migos & Trouble – “Key to the Streets
Migos – “3 Way Intro
French Montana – “Ready (MC4 Intro)
Rae Sremmurd feat Guwop – “Black Beatles
Lil Yachty – “Just Keep Swimming (Lil Boat Intro)
Sauce Walka – “Oh Yeah
Majid Jordan -” Summers Over Interlude
Paul Wall & Baby Bash (The Legalizers) feat Marty Obey & Dat Boi T – “Legalize” – Free the team
Brill 4 The Thrill feat Playa Red – “How It Feels
WillThaRapper – “Pull Up, Hop Out
Joe Blow feat 38 Spesh & Rydah J. Klyde – “Lost Child
Dave East – “Deposits (EASTMIX)” / “No Lights” / “Percocets
Kanye West – “FML” / “Wolves
38 Spesh – “Risk Taker” / “Tell You Why feat Klass Murda
Bobby Brackins feat Ty$ – “Faithful
Young Devi D – “IDK Yo Situation
P2 (Twoskee) – “Last Night
P1 (Panda BadAzz) – “In Too Deep
Nispey Hussle feat Bino Rideaux & Dave East – “Clarity” / “I Don’t Stress
Sky Balla – “Me Okay Freestyle” – “I lost everything I love but I never shed a tear; Rotting in that prison cell, left for dead for 7 years”
Sonny Digital – “On It” / “50 On My Wrist
Future – “How It Feel” / “Fly Shit Only
Skeme feat Jay 305 – “Shameless
DRAKEO The Ruler – “Flex Freestyle” / “Impatient Freestyle
Poppa XO – “Pass The Bottle
Pooh Hefner – “All Night
Hyph feat Pooh Hefner – “P Hours
Koran Streets feat K.I. – “Struggle” / “Without a High School Diploma” – “My mama just asked me, ‘Can you pay the rent for me?’ She shook to look me in my eyes; ain’t shit phony”
Troy Ave – “Badass
Mob Jr. feat Dubb 20 – “Ova
Tory Lanez – “Came 4 Me” / “Save It feat Ed Sheeran
Eric Bellinger – “Notice
Donald Glover – “Redbone“/ “Zombies


Insta-classic (Damn I hate to be that guy)

Solange feat Sampha– “Don’t Touch My Hair” / “Cranes in the Sky
MackkRucci feat DRAKEO The Ruler & AzSwaye – “Domino Effekt
D-Rek feat G-Count – “Tapped In
Koran Streets – “Warning
BUDDY – “Shine
Takeshi69 feat ZillaKami– “YOKAI
Mike $aatchi – “Marty McFly
Certified – “Down 2 Ride
Kid Red feat Migos & Chris Brown – “Bounce
Migos – “3 Way Intro
Nipsey Hussle – “Status Symbol 2
Fetti Mac – “Expensive Taste
Philthy Rich – “Piss Codeine
Puablo15 – “Finessing 101

Late Pass

Cool Amerika – “No Taxes 2” (2015) – Like a motherfucker.
Kid Cali – “Jaccpot Ent Presents: Kid Cali” (2015)
LNDN DRGS – “Aktive” (2015)
Skeme – “Ingleworld 3” (2015)
The Internet – “Ego Death” (2015)
Tame Impala – “Currents” (2015)
Poppa XO – “Be Quiet” / “Let It Be Known” (2015)
Cupcakke – “Shook” (2015)
D-Rek – “Rich Mafia” (2015)