Mo Gwop feat LilJeffgoesin – Can’t Stand Me (Prod. by Real Smoov)

@mogwop, @liljeffgoesin

“You think she faithful but she ain’t, though
Had her in the Range Rove’, panties down to her ankles
Like an episode of Bang Bros” – Prince Jeffrey

Some of my favorite ad-libs are rappers laughing at their own jokes on the track.

This record definitely deserves a video. Not only because the song is a winner but because the video would usurp this questionable cover art.


P1 & Lil Bro feat Mo Gwop – Meet Me At The Chevy (Dir. by Kenneth Wynn)

Prod. by RadioAktive

I’m a sucker for rap records relating to General Motors vehicles plus Mo Gwop absolutely crushed this.

You know it’s a hard chorus when the rapper (Lil Bro, in this case) can’t help but sing along before leading into his own verse.

P2 (Twoskee) – Last Night / Every Place feat MoGwop (Prod. by RadioAktive)

“Hope I remember my night, this a cold feeling” – Young Twoske

@twoskee, @Og_MoGwop, radioaktivebbts

“Last Night” is the type of interlude that you put on indefinite loop and play ad nauseam in an attempt to make a full song out of a woefully short masterpiece.

I’m going need P2 to drop a solo project in 2017ยน

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Panda BadAzz – In Too Deep (Dir. by Ronnie Lewis Productions)



From, “Panda BadAzz – In Too Deep” EP (2016, Young Nigga Movement)

P1 has been quite active over the past year (the “Young Nigga Movement” mixtape w/ Lil Bro, “Been BadAzz” LP, “Been BadAzz: The Lost Files”, the “Three Two One” EP w/ P2, “In Too Deep” EP, and a myriad of slick guest verses).

With that said, the project that I’ve rocked with the most has been, “Panda BadAzz – Making Plays 2” (Hosted by DJ Official).

If you’re the type that likes to download as opposed to stream, use the link below:


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Drakeo The Ruler – Mr. Everything (Dir. by LewisYouNasty & Prod. by Remedy)


@IamMRMOSELY, @YoungRemedy415, @LewisYouNasty

Put that draco down, Drakeo!

Mr. Get Dough, Mr. Big Bank Uchie-face, Mr. Ten Chains (His neck hurt), The Foreign Whip Crasher, Nickname him Evil Knievel, will now be known as Mr. Everything.

“C’mon, this shit nothin’. Use guns w/ acronyms for niggas who wanna cuff me”

This is the most inspired material since the first I Am Mr. Mosely tape.

Pushing forward past the squabble with RJ from Pushaz Ink (Mr. Mosely recorded a video for the, “Flex Freestyle” but it was repeatedly taken down from Youtube after tireless and diligent complaints from the plaintiff), The Ruler is now set to release both, “I Am Mr. Mosley 3” and, “So Cold I Do Em”, together, within the coming weeks.

Welcome back, sir.

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Mike $aatchi – Marty McFly (Prod. by 6Silky)


@mikesaatchi, @6Silky

Send my respects to the chef. This was sliced to perfection.

Shot by Matt Saatchi (Saatchiphoto) & bcstephh; Edited by Neotic.

Legitimately one of the flyest song & video combinations I’ve seen in indie rap this year.

Vellione – Stranded On The Wire (Dir. by 4 Dub Ent & Prod. by The Mekanix)


@vell_livewire, @TheMekanix, @ThatGuy510

From, “Vellione – Stranded On The Wire” (2016, LiveWire Records)

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James West – First Place / Sum New (Deeper Than Rap 2)

James West - First Place - Sum New - Deeper Than Rap 2 - 1825 Las Vegas

2 cuts from one of Las Vegas’ brightest. Both are primers for the upcoming, “James West – Deeper Than Rap 2” project dropping soon. In the meantime the original is up for stream on SoundCloud.

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WillThaRapper – 21 / Don’t Be Nervous

WillThaRapper - Don Gotti - 21

WillThaRapper - Don Gotti - 21 - Reggie Reggg - Clockwork Productions
@WillThaRapper, Don Gotti (@bigdonstudd)

  • “21 in the clip; Fuck 12” that whole sequence is face-melting. Well played, sir.
  • Directed by Reggie Reggg of Clockwork Productions.
  • Been playing this in tandem with, “WillThaRapper – Don’t Be Nervous” (Dir. by @SpuddsMckenzie) for the past week.
  • It’s also worth noting that Will released another (updated) video for his smash, “Pull Up, Hop Out” last month which landed him in Complex’s, “Bout To Blow” list for November 2016.
  • Young dude’s been deceptively busy and if you need to catch up, his entire discog is up for download on Spinrilla right now.

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