1TakeJay – Foolery (Prod. by ShawnBeats)

@1take.jay, @SHAWNxBEATS

“Yo that shit ain’t Piff, nigga that shit is IF!” – the Incomparable Un Kasa

“Boy, your shit FuFu” – Subject Matter Expert Philthy Rich

“@iamjaythestar with a Fraudemars Piguet 😬. Bad sub-dial spacing and cuts in the corners of the 7 and 5 give it straight away.” – FakeWatchBusta the baine of the Nouveau Riche & Scammin’ Ass Jewlers worldwide

Desto Dubb – Born to Sale Juice (Video Dir. by Kale Eickhof)

Desto Dubb - Fizzle - Born to Sale Juice - Kale Eickhof (FILM DELINQUENTS)


Dubb’s, “Born to Sale Juice EP” is one of the more noteworthy/ memorable debuts this year. A preferred frequenter of the Cafe, however, he’s gonna need to cut me in on all that juice he’s been pushin’ outside the establishment.

Eazy Racks – Alotta Cash (Prod. By Corty Tez)

Eazy Racks - Corty Tez - Alotta Cash - Grit Gang - Fort Wayne@eazyracks_gg

Corty Tez threw a curveball and Racks knew exactly how to handle that; Grand slam.

From,”Eazy Racks – Jugg or Not” album dropping on Oct 31st, 2016.

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Rich The Factor feat Rush – Big Shit / Understand feat Bre (the 1st Lady)


  • Rich has been perennially cool since 1995. His creez is evergreen; prison couldn’t take it from him.
  • The Black Border Brothers reunited (the balance restored)
  • In a year in which several great entertainers & athletes couldn’t escape their own mortality, it’s good to remember that Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Rich the Factor all touched down and made it home safely. Celebrate great ones while they’re alive. Rich The Factor is a 1st ballot hall-of-famer.

Whole 2nd Verse is crucial,

“…So I pray to God, hope to see better days
Now it’s 2 more kids dead from a couple strays
They never hit who they came for; They lame, Bro
Shoot scary & run, then call it a gang war”

Produced by Nae-D (@KansasCityNaeD)

We MFR Presents: Whale Mafi” (2016, We MFR)
Rich The Factor – Rose Out The Concrete” (2016, We MFR)

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Joe Blow feat 38 Spesh & Rydah J. Klyde – Lost Child


From, “Joe Blow – You Should Be Payin’ Me Too!!” (2016, Blow Money Records)

I need a late-pass for this gem. Top performances from 38 Spesh and Rydah J. Klyde (Blow holds his own as well; trademarked voice-crack intact).

Though he’s been under pressure recently and is seemingly disenchanted with this rap shit, I’m genuinely intrigued to hear his new shit. To hear him tell it, his next and final album, “Joe Blow – Blow Money” is coming soon.

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Oschino Vasquez – ‘Bout the Money / Overdose (Appetizer 5)

Oschino Vasquez - Bout the Money - Overdose - Appetizer 5@oschinovasquez1

From, “Oschino Vasquez – Appetizer 5: The Real Is Back” (2016, 712 Records)

Had no idea that Oschino was locked up. I was wondering what happened to him after the Appetizer series was poppin’ back in the late 00’s.

This would explain the Stacy Dash reference…somebody please let him know.

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Mac Pearl feat Pooh Hefner & Greezy – Fuck for Free (Shot by Bausik Film Co.)

Mac Pearl - Pooh Hefner - Greezy - Fuck for Free - Bausik Film Co“How that thang got miles but you ain’t took no trips?”

Greezy got this one; I’ll be on the lookout.

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Young Devi D – IDK Yo Situation / Ain’t No Question (Chess Not Checkers)

Young Devi D - IDK Yo Situation - Chess Not Checkers
“A Kingpin in the process…” – @young_devi_dude

From, “Young Devi D – Chess Not Checkers” (2016, Nexxt Level)

Was killing, “Chess Not…” earlier in the year and it’s recently found it’s way back into heavy rotation 4th quarter. Really one of the best indie rap releases this year. Peace to David Drake and them for the tip.

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