38 Spesh – Trap In Luxury / Tell You Why

38 Spesh - Trap In Luxury - Tell You Why - 38 Laws of Powder - Klass Murda - Black Metaphor@iamspesh

From, “38 Spesh – 38 Laws of Powder” (2016, T.C.F. Music Group)

I’m also quite fond of, “Risk Taker” as well. Really, the entire project is quality. Easily on the short list of albums that have made it into heavy rotation for me this year.

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Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Shoota Gang (Prod. By Hitman Beatz)

From, “Philthy Rich & Mozzy – Political Ties” (2016, SCMM LLC / Mozzy Records)

Las Vegas’ Hitman Beatz has to be quietly proud of this one. For Philthy/ Mozzy to come and shop with him and use this jewel has to be a feather in Hitman’s cap. That is, in reference to rappers using a risky/ unique record from a producer rather than sticking with their normal (read: safe) sound. Refer to that old with Lex Luger interview discussing why all his beats sound the same.ยน

Real quick, this is clearly a project for the fans. No recycled tracks, production line-up is outlandish (Kacey Khaliel, Hitman Beatz, The Mekanix, Zaytoven, JuneOnnaBeat, Phantom Beatz, AK47), thematic interludes from MAC Blast. This could have easily been a collection of repurposed loosies and incidental collabs from other projects thrown together with intrusive DJ drops over top.

Aloof & Too-rich-to-care demeanor not withstanding, Philthy Rich is undoubtedly aware of his fanbase (perhaps heeding the hard lessons learned from those rappers before him).

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Mozzy feat Kid Red – Love My Niggaz (Dir. by Billionaire Visions)

Mozzy - Kid Red - Love My Niggaz - Mandatory Check - JuneOnnaBeat - Billionaire Visions@mozzymemba, @kidred, @billionairevisions

Wipe the DJ drops and other needless debri off this record, and lo n’ behold, this was a gem.

From, “Mozzy – Mandatory Check” (2016, Mozzy Records)*

*Note, the official version is marred with non-sense. I’ve since made a clipped version with just the raps.

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Street Knowledge – Barry Bonds (Dir. by Chucky Treez)

Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill Yaself
Street Knowledge - Barry Bonds - Kill_Yaself

@streetknowledg3, TreaL KikZ

Street Knowledge has some the most stylized bars this side of Mozzy. The best Street Knowledge verses are those descriptive joints expertly weaved together entirely on regional slang, firearm variants, vehicle makes, and designer brands. Exhibit A, B, C. There aren’t too many others doing the fly gangster aesthetic better than this.

From, “Street Knowledge – Kill Yaself” (2016, The Artist Records/ NuMunnie)

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