Puablo15 – Finessing 101 / 2nd Chance at Life

Puablo15 - PuabloTV - 1500 Family - Finessing 101

"Don't hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed" - Puablo15 (iampuablo15)

Puablo15 – Finessing 101 (Prod. by Puablo15 & Directed by 1500 Films)

Puablo15 – 2nd Chance at Life (Prod. by Puablo15)

From, “Puablo15 – Puablo TV” (2016)

“Trap full of guns, cards, and reader-writers
climb through your window like a firefigher”

– Puablo works the role of Bruh-man from the 5th flo’ in his hood

“If I send Squeak and Tay on ya, Hoe you might get boxed
Don’t hug a bitch from my hood, you might get pick-pocketed
Or you might get served some duwop in a Ziplock”

– Helpful counsel before an excursion to the 1500 block

West Oakland whiz & mastermind Puablo15 (@iampuablo15) definitely has some shit in store. I’ll stay tuned.

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Ice Burgandy – Real Nigga, Fake Rapper

Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM)
Say it Twice (@IceBurgandyBSM) Screenshot from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day In The Yung”

Brick Squad Monopoly affiliate, NOBFE affiliate, and now Skrapp Or Die C.E.O., Ice Burgandy has been working on his, “Real Nigga, Fake Rapper” project since 2014. I’ve pulled together a 14-track playlist as a refresher until RNFR Vol. 1 materializes.

Credit to the boy Burgandy for producing another superlative album title on level with 2012’s, “Progress Involves Risk Unfortunately”

Don’t care if it was released 4 years ago, Role Model should still receive a music video. I would settle for concert footage cut w/ tour bus performance footage.

The above screenshot is from Ep. 9 of webseries, “Day in The Yung” in which a young Sean Mackk scolds a band of Brick Squad Monopoly members for having made multiple court appearances, yet still being at a loss in knowing how to properly tie their ties, making the entire crew late for a scheduled club appearance later that evening (in which two scantily-clad women duke it out in an unsanctioned boxing exhibition for @KristianiNicole’s birthday party).

Tracklist and credits on the next page.

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PacMan Da Gunman – Blue Rag (Prod. by Jae Marley)

PacMan Da GunMan - Blue Rag - 6 Plays - All Money In PlayBall


  • Quick little heater from PacMan Da Gunman. PacMan needed just 2 minutes to get his point across.
  • Track is stout but can bench-press 350lbs reps easy.
  • Though this cut is probably too uncivilized for his current guise, I would love to hear Nipsey Hussle add another verse here.
  • This record is from the EP before the LP (titled, “PacMan Da Gunman – Optimistic”). The first single titled, “Pacman Da Gunman – Eazy feat Joe Moses”, is set for release 5/20/2016. From the various clips released thus far, Da Guman may have a winner on his hands.

MackkRucci feat DrakeO & AzSwaye – Domino Effekt (Prod. by KDollaz)

Sean Mackk - Rucci - Domino Effekt - MackkRucci

Tell me how you wanna do it @seanmackk @INGRucci @IamMRMOSELY @AzSWAYE_ @1kdollaz
“Tell me how you wanna do it…” @seanmackk @INGRucci @IamMRMOSELY @AzSWAYE_ @1kdollaz

  • The collaborative project between Inglewood’s Sean Mackk and Rucci titled, “MackkRucci” was supposed to drop today but it may have gotten delayed. No biggie. Still shaping up to be a knockout.
  • DrakeO the Ruler (Mr. Foreign Whip Crasher; His watch came from a burglary) works so well on the hook. I imagine that’s going to be the case a lot going forward.
  • A-1 video, too. Never ceased to be amazed by the quality achieved by these directors for indie rap releases. Directed by Dark Cinema/ @SkeyeXB. Respect to the shooter(s).

Weebo – Ride For Me / All I Ever Wanted (Prod. by Hitman Beatz)

"They don't call me Money Makin' Wee for nothin'" - @MoneyMakinWee

From, “Weebo – Life Behind The Lights, Vol. 1” (Lavish Life Ent & Mike Nef, 2015)

  • Hitman Beatz can really do no wrong. (If you’re unfamiliar go check his work on #NOBFE3, Messy vs Philthy, Itchy Palms 2)
  • “Ride For Me” has the best Love Don’t Live Here-inspired interpolation since 5150 Illegally Insane – “Steady Stayin’ Paid 95
  • The second cut is actually a Youngin’ Stay Paid record but it appears on Weebo’s official release and he really shines the brightest on it.

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Poppa XO – Pass the Bottle / Dead Homies (Prod. by OneTime Beats)


Poppa XO – Pass the Bottle (Prod. by OneTime Beats)

Poppa XO – Dead Homies (Prod. by OneTime Beats)

  • “Knock, knock; Nigga, wrong door…” Young dude’s artistry is off the charts for someone who claims to have been rapping for just under 18 months at the time of recording
  • Should probably keep an eye out for his upcoming album, “Poppa XO – Stick 2 Tha Script”

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Stackz Blanco feat A1 – Seen It All (Dir. by Kapomob Films)

@stackz_blanco, @ai_courtlandt
@stackz_blanco, @ai_courtlandt

Stackz Blacno A1 Seen It All Courtlandt Ave Bronx Go For Money

  • Stackz and A1 are two independent artists from the same crew but I’d favor to hear them debut as a duo; they’d make a dope combo (especially if A1 keeps crushing hooks)
  • I can’t I.D. the beatsmith for this one (R.B. Productions, perhaps) but shouts to the damned producer

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