Star – Ran Off (Ritz Carlton Freestyle) / Look In My Life


Star – Ran Off (Ritz Carlton Freestyle) (Dir. By Kapomob Films)

Star – Look In My Life (Prod. by Ash The Kid & Dir. by The Visionary)

  • I wish bro all the success in the world; however, even in attaining Desiigner levels of notoriety, your man is going to have to modify this rap moniker. Ain’t no way you should be forced to use ten underscores just to procure your Instagram handle.

Sky Balla – Back & Better

"Just in case niggas forgot..." - Sky Balla (@ThaRealSkyBalla)
“Just in case niggas forgot…” – Sky Balla (@ThaRealSkyBalla)

Sky Balla – Me O.K. (G-Mix)

Sky Balla – Don’t (G-Mix)

  • Triumphant.
  • This second cut preserved the best bits of Bryon Tiller’s, “Don’t” and paved over the rest with Sky Balla’s dope-boy shit so nicely that I’ll never need to listen to the original Tiller record again.

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Trails – Texas Boyz Crawlin / Keep It 100 Authentic

Trails713 - Lil Keke - Lucky Luciano - Steak N Shrimp - Texas Boyz Crawlin

Trails713 - Flatline - Lucky Luciano - Steak N Shrimp - Keep It 100 Authentic

Trails feat. Lil Keke & Luck Luciano – “Texas Boyz Crawlin” (Prod. by Lacemode)

Trails – Keep It 100 Authentic (Prod. by Cuddy Beats)

  • From the upcoming, “Trails – My Way” album. His first project since 2010’s, “Trails – Young Brown N’ Wreckin”
  • I’m quite pleased by the traditionalist character of these cuts
  • It’s still a necessity for me to keep track of Lucky Luciano as, “Pimps Up, Hoez Down (Screwed & Chopped)” is in my top 5 favorite s&c’d projects of all time (I understand this is unreasonable).
  • @Trails713 for social medias and such

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Ransom – History of Violence

“Uhhnh, you wanna hit people with garbage cans??” – Ransom

Ransom – Hate Crimes

Ransom – What You Know

From, “Ransom – History of Violence” (2016, Presidential Lifestyle Inc.)

  • First album I’ve really been taken by in 2016. A front to back affair, no skips necessary¹
  • The unlikely scenario where Ransom now makes better music than Joe Budden²
  • Ransom probably won’t pump this album too much due to some of the samples used, however, this will likely end up as one of the best hip hop releases this year.
  • Ransom should go all out Kool G Rap³ for his next release. Clips on instagram already show him flexing & celebrating his aptitude for narration. Possible title, “Ransom – G.R.A.”
  • A note: Ransom speaks about losing his right to carry a firemarm due to his status of a felon (while not realizing that he could have obtained a license-to-carry the entire time prior to his conviction). For those of you who may not know, in most states, concealed carry of firearms is perfectly legal as long as you proceed through the proper channels. Use the following website: to not only research the steps necessary to obtain your license/ permit to carry (just click on the map of your state), but also highlight the surrounding states in the U.S. that will honor that credential. Nothing political; just want to inform young individuals (both street & square) about how to legally arm yourself. #BeSafeTho

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Mykell Vaughn – She Don’t Wanna (Prod. by Big Hack & The Trump Boys)

mykell vaughn - she don't wanna - dellio
mykell vaughn - she don't wanna - Big Hack and The Trump Boys

  • A lot of push behind, “Bend it Ova” however I feel like this is easily the stronger of the two records
  • Fellow Kansas City cohort Dellio (@DELLIO43) has stated that he and Vaughn have material in the works. Whether that is just a couple cuts or an entire project is unknown but I wouldn’t mind hearing Dellio jump on a, “She Don’t Wanna” remix.
  • Speaking of Dellio, the follow-up to last year’s “#FRFR” is apparently dropping very soon. Possible title, “Dellio – Money On My Head”
  • Quick note: Some of the regulars/ patrons of the Cafe wish to have Mykell re-consider the possible benefits ($$$) of having her rock with everybody else.

D Rek – White Fire OG (OG Kush Entertainment)

D Rek (@916DREK); “Tapped In” feat G Count

  • Ahead of the release of D Rek’s upcoming, “White Fire OG” (named after his preferred strain during the recording process) I’ve thrown together a quick catch-up playlist as a primer.
  • D Rek developed his writing, rapping, and general artistry leaps and bounds since his collabs with Ampichino 5 or 6 years ago
  • Rek’s verse on, “Tapped In” is one of the rawest I’ve heard this year
  • Tracklist and credits on the next page

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Pooh Hefner – All Night Long / Turn Her Out

Hef Curry (@p00h__hefner)
Hef Curry (@p00h__hefner)

Pooh Hefner – All Night Long (Dir. by Dope Scorcese)

Pooh Hefner - All Night Long - Hef Curry - AOB - NOBFE

Pooh Hefner – Turn Her Out (Prod. by TraxxFDR & Dir. by Brian Storm)

"She get hers from a trick, I get mines from her" - Pooh Hefner
“She get hers from a trick, I get mines from her” – Pooh Hefner
  • Note, the album production vs video version of, “Turn Her Out” are different beats. TraxxFDR laced the production for both; however, the video version is far superior to what landed on the album for official release.

From, “Pooh Hefner – Hef Curry” (AOB Ent, 2015)


Hyph Feat Pooh Hefner – P Hours (Prod. by Hitman Beatz & Directed by BAMLV)

  • Including this not only because it’s a dope record but because Richmond’s Hyph (@hyph_) let it slip via Instagram a few weeks ago that the NOBFE collective is currently at work on #NOBFE Vol. 4.
  • Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner’s NOBFE clique is easily most entertaining crew out since Members of Byrdgang (R.I.P. Stack Bundles, Free Max BiGGaVeli and all that)
  • Various cuts from NOBFE Vol.1, Vol.2, & Vol.3 are still in heavy rotation through the loudspeakers at Café del Rey