Skrapp Or Die: Wild Wild West – M.F.M.

S.O.D. in these streets is like Money May in the ring, nigga... Can't be touched.
“S.O.D. in these streets is like Money May in the ring, nigga… Can’t be touched.” – Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West feat Dinero & Lucci Ca$h (Prod by Codey Got Beatz)

I really couldn’t ask for more from a rap record.
From, “DJ Racks – Skrapp Or Die: I Kan’t Walk, Walk For Me” (Hosted by Philthy Rich, 2013)

skrapp or die i kan't walk, walk for me

J Stone – 96 Pac Sh*t / In My Zone

Finally got out the pen; Going hard. Got another shot at the world, again." - Infant J. Stone
“Finally got out the pen; Going hard. Got another shot at the world, again.” – J Stone

From J Stone – “25/8 No Breaks” (2014, All Money In):

J Stone – ’96 Pac Shit


J Stone feat Nipsey Hussle – In My Zone

j stone and nipsey hussle

  • Love rappers that loved ‘Pac
  • Pac interviews are still acceptable and welcome. Please boycott/ ignore/ block any rapper still using cliched Mob or Mafia movie samples in 2016
  • Nipsey Hussle’s musical output over the past 2 or 3 years is the most inspired material of his career. Mailbox Money is still great
  • J Stone – Neighborhood Watch should be out 3/30/2016

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Lil Tae – 100+ Real

“The streets got more money than love for me” – Lil Tae (@TMNliltae)

  • Just a quick reminder (or first notification for those not familiar) in order to keep Tae’s name up while he’s locked down
  • Bro dropped arguably the best material of his career while incarcerated and unable to promote
  • Analogous to posthumous, there needs to be a term to describe the work released while an artist is imprisoned.* Regardless 2015’s, “Wait for Me” was easily one of my favorite indie rap releases of last year
  • 12 song YouTube Playlist and some downloads on the next page

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Koran Streets – Warning

Dir. by Koran Streets (@KORANSTREETS28)
Dir. by Koran Streets (@KORANSTREETS28)

Short cut from the upcoming, You Know I Got It Vol. 4

  • The sequence at 1:31:00 is tremendous
  • Love the cinematography by Simphony Productions. The ¬†video description implies there’s more of this to come.
  • Rode out to this on repeat and in under 3 min. this joint encapsulates¬†everything I dig about Streets’ music.

Download –¬†Koran Streets – “Warning”

Debe – Nothin’ Mo’ Gangsta (Prod. by MLB)

My bitch is a real one - Debeahcee
My bitch is a real one – Debeahcee

Spotted on Westtsew’s Soundcloud page. Timestamp says this is at least a year old but I can’t tell if this is from an older release or a leak from an upcoming project. Someone from the area, let me know something. I would love to hear more from where this came.