Oschino Vasquez – ‘Bout the Money / Overdose (Appetizer 5)

Oschino Vasquez - Bout the Money - Overdose - Appetizer 5@oschinovasquez1

From, “Oschino Vasquez – Appetizer 5: The Real Is Back” (2016, 712 Records)

Had no idea that Oschino was locked up. I was wondering what happened to him after the Appetizer series was poppin’ back in the late 00’s.

This would explain the Stacy Dash reference…somebody please let him know.

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Mac Pearl feat Pooh Hefner & Greezy – Fuck for Free (Shot by Bausik Film Co.)

Mac Pearl - Pooh Hefner - Greezy - Fuck for Free - Bausik Film Co“How that thang got miles but you ain’t took no trips?”

Greezy got this one; I’ll be on the lookout.

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Young Devi D – IDK Yo Situation / Ain’t No Question (Chess Not Checkers)

Young Devi D - IDK Yo Situation - Chess Not Checkers
“A Kingpin in the process…” – @young_devi_dude

From, “Young Devi D – Chess Not Checkers” (2016, Nexxt Level)

Was killing, “Chess Not…” earlier in the year and it’s recently found it’s way back into heavy rotation 4th quarter. Really one of the best indie rap releases this year. Peace to David Drake and them for the tip.

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A-Wax – My Bitch feat Vidal Garcia / Dead or in Jail

A-Wax - Vidal Garcia - My Bitch - Dead or in Jail

From, “A-Wax – Pushin’ Keyz” (2016, PieRx)

It doesn’t make sense that A-Wax is writing/ rapping this well 15 years into his career. Since 2001, you would be hard pressed to find a year in which this character didn’t release incredible music/ verses. A top author in this genre of music.

The 2 dualing refrains from Wax & Garcia (If you were my bitch, you would be used to riding around in a 100-odd whips w/ a 100-odd pounds &
If you were my bitch you wouldn’t be sitting at home now, feeling like a hostage) are laid so beautifully; this shit is superb. (Somewhat of reprise from 2006’s, “My Woman” as well).

Dark Lo feat G1000 – Day 1 (Prod. by Factory 808) / Darkaveli (Prod. by Malk)

Dark Lo - G1000 - Day 1s“Nigga fooled me; now he’s food to me.” – @DarkLo

From, “Dark Lo – Darkaveli (Disc One)” (2016, O.B.H. Music)

  • Dark Lo (The Crook) is finally back with his first official release since 2014’s, “Ron Harvey Jr” (which is still a great listen & unheralded jam).
  • Aside from these 2, I also love, “Soul Snatchers” w/ Reek. If there’s any criticism of Lo, it would be that his flow can become monotonous over several tracks, which is why his frenetic flow on Soul Snatchers was such an expected highlight.
  • The intermediate applause and ovation awarded throughout Darkaveli is well deserved. Welcome back, sir.

Fetti Mac – Expensive Taste (Prod. by WesOnTheBeat)

Fetti Mac - WesOnTheBeat - Expensive Taste

Fetti Mac - WesOnTheBeat - Expensive_Taste@Fetti619, @WesOnTheBeat

From, “Fetti Mac – Expensive Taste” (2016, NOBFE Records)

Video is a celebration.

Though I’m cool with Philthy Rich’s current Zaytoven-backed dope-boy sound, it’s time to pull The Avengers back together for another NOBFE record. Pooh Hef, Fetti, Burgandy, Preddy Boy, Diggler, Hitman, etc etc.

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Certified Outfit feat King Sonny – Down 2 Ride

Certified Outfit - King Sonny - Down 2 Ride - Church Santana - Swindle
Certified Outfit - King Sonny - Down 2 Ride - BG Church - Swindle


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Pooh Hefner, Brill 4 the Thrill, Playa Red – Feel Like Flexin’ (Dir. by Dope Scorsese)

Pooh Hefner - Brill 4 The Thrill - Playa Red - Feel Like Flexin

The Jungle & Real Richmond.

I rock with Pooh Hef for his unwavering affinity for Porchse 911’s (as opposed to the oddly revered by rap cats, Porsche Panamera).


Brill 4 The Thrill feat 10Y Domo & Playa Quez – Bankroll

“Brill 4 The Thrill – Brill Clinton” coming soon.

WesttseW feat Jovi Jov, Willie725, Scane, Sharp Da P – 20 Lbs of Money (Prod. by YungGodz)

  • The benefit of WesttseW’s Kush & Currency 2 is that I no longer have to loop the last 5 minutes of the mini-movie above to play this ear-worm.
  • Group album up next, please.
  • By Philthy Rich’s calculations (Subject Matter Expert), $100,000 weighs 10 pounds. So by our estimations, Sharp Da P should be sittin on roughly $200k (w/ his tommy) when the Feds come to get him. This carries the assumption that both traps are composed of bills of similar if not the same exact denomination, however.

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